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PicBooks Publishing is best known for engaging children’s picture books by author Rosilyn Seay. Relatable to all children, the books feature charming stories with realistic characters, that happen to be Black. The recent addition, Just My Luck  (a novel co-authored with her sister, Lelia Coles)... has also been well-received. Readers Favorite describes it as “powerfully dramatic”, and Kirkus Reviews describes it as “a superb coming-of-age tale fused with a solid murder mystery”.

Ms. Seay, who specializes in positive imagery in her children’s books, creates realistic, true-to-life stories, all starring bright, resourceful, and imaginative young characters. One common theme, even in the urban novel, “Just My Luck”, is the significance of involved and supportive adults guiding young people through life's challenges. (See the reviews)



    Rosilyn Seay's 1st and only novel was co-authored by Lelia Coles, her sister.
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A mother and daughter each face inconceivable danger and betrayal in this gritty, urban, coming of age tale of character, resilience, and murder....More
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