"Like the characters in my children's books, I was always curious and asked a lot of questions. Like the parents in my books, instead of being annoyed, my family encouraged it all and made me feel special. Though sometimes I did get an eye roll or two, I was made to believe that I could go as far as my imagination would take me."
-Rosilyn Seay

Rosilyn Seay

About The Author

Growing up in Virginia, Rosilyn Seay had two major influences, a strong supportive family and a love for reading. From her love of reading, came the desire to create her own stories. She began doing just that when she was twelve and continued throughout her adult life. Rosilyn earned a degree in Mathematics from Lincoln University, married, raised a family of her own, and had a successful professional career as a Computer Consultant and IT Solutions Specialist. She never stopped writing.

Now, she uses her IT skills to illustrate the stories in her children’s books—which are entertaining tales about real kids in real life situations, that also reflect her strong belief in family. When her sister, Lelia, passed with an unfinished novel, Rosilyn knew it was up to her to make her sister’s dream a reality. So, at the same time that she was producing her first two children’s books (The Girl Who Loved Pots and Ardie’s Big Secret) she tackled rewriting the story for publication.