MidWest Book Review-Children's Bookwatch: September 2017

"'The Girl Who Loved Pots' is an inherently entertaining and charmingly illustrated tale for children ages 5 to 9 about a young girl with endless imagination. It shows how anyone, at any age, can learn new lessons in friendship and flexibility. . . especially recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections. . ."

Readers' Favorite: Review July 23, 2017

"Rosilyn Seay's exciting tale of a child who loves to use pots as props as she plays is a wonderfully- written story which quickly put a smile on my face. Nothing is stronger than the imaginative playtime of children, and when they improvise with pots to entertain themselves, their laughter and smiles are the best reward. Much of the story took me back to my own childhood, where children were given quite the amount of freedom, as long as they were not causing harm or damage to any person, animal or property in the neighborhood. Seeing a child have such an incredible amount of fun - without a computer game or tablet in their hands - makes me envious and excited for those children, as they get to enjoy a happy and carefree childhood, just as all children should. I fully enjoyed The Girl Who Loved Pots and look forward to Rosilyn Seay's next book. I recommend The Girl Who Loved Pots to all young children (and their parents), so they can see that using your imagination and putting it to good use is the best fun any child can have."