PG Library Response

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I got my first reply from one of the libraries today. It was the PG Memorial Library System. Without reviews, they will put copies of your book in the libraries, sort of like a favor. I had previously given them four copies of "The Girl Who Loved Pots" to put in different libraries. I have checked a few times and people are actually checking my book out. That's pretty good, considering where the book is located. It's hidden in the stacks, really hard to find, even with the card catalogue info. So, YIPPEE!

Once I got the reviews, I wanted PG to reconsider actually purchasing the book. But, Ms. Butler wrote back today,

Hello, Ms. Seay,

Thank you for your recent letter. The four copies of your book, The Girl Who Loved Pots, that you previously donated to the library are sufficient to meet our needs at this time. If we need to purchase further copies, we will do so through our library vendor.

Thank you,

Sarah Butler

A little disappointing, but at least she took the time to respond.

Onward and upward!