Ardie’s Done!

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Yeah! I finally let Ardie go. It was a struggle, but we have to let kids go out on their own and see how they fare. I guess it was so hard because Ardie was the first short story I actually took all the way to publication (well sort of!). I wrote it back in the 90’s when both of my boys were in elementary school. I created it for a school magazine where everybody (staff, kids, parents, etc.) was encouraged to contribute. Both of my boys had little stories in it. I still have copies.

Anyhow, I sent 'Ardie's Big Secret' to the Ingram Spark for a proof copy. This time, I forwarded a copy to the School Library Journal for review. Previously, with 'The Girl Who Loved Pots', I waited too late and I never heard back from them. There are a couple of more review sources like that. So, this time, I’m holding publication up a bit so I can forward copies to these reviewers first. No guarantee they will actually review it, but, like my mother always said, “Nothing beats a failure but a try!”

The first printed copy should arrive in a few days. I really hope I’m happy with the printed form and there are no editorial problems. It cost a fortune to reupload, if I find errors. Cross your fingers!