Ardie is On It's WAy

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This week I finally finished my second book, ‘Ardie’s Big Secret’. I forwarded a copy to the U.S. Copy Right Office. This was merely a request for an update. I already had more than enough proof of when I created the story.

Ardie was actually my very first semi-published book. I wrote it about 1994 for a newsletter for my kid’s elementary school. That was before ‘The Girl Who Loved Pots’.

Also, when I first applied for a copyright for ‘The Girl Who Loved Pots’ (2016), I included three finished books, in the request. So, ‘Ardie’s Big Secret’, ‘The Girl Who Loved Pots’, and another book, ‘The Winning Team’, all have been copywritten.

Last year, when I decided to officially publish my books, I looked at Ardie first. It never felt right. So, I kept rewriting. There are over 40 versions, believe it or not. But, now, I think I finally have a story that I like.

There are quite a few housekeeping chores to clear up, but I’ll let you know when it’s actually available.