Ardie and May are now on

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Has anyone heard of It’s a book and resource site for educators. According to the site “ offers every reader the power to enrich their relationship to the books they are reading. . . This service is primarily used in the K–12, university, and public library setting.”

Well, my books are now on the site. Because of the nature of the site, I was encouraged to create a bunch of teaching resources to go along with the books. It was kind of fun figuring out what actually goes into a teacher’s guide. Each book has a Teacher’s Guide. Inside the guide are instructions for a set of exercises and activities for students. So, of course, there is a separate handout with just the student activities. And, since some of the words in the books may be challenging, there is also a dictionary.

I also created three audio files, a little blurb on how to pronounce my name, and two mini-excerpts from both books. I always thought I wanted to become an educator. This is as close as I’ve ever come, except the time I tutored the inmates at Graterford Prison in Pennsylvania. But, that’s a whole nother story….