Amazon has it out for Ardie

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Ardie's Big Secret is listed on  Since about June, Amazon has indicated that it takes an outrageous amount of time to supply the book. After waiting a reasonable amount of time, I decided to find out what was going on.

First Amazon indicated that it was the distributor, Ingram Spark. Contacted Ingram Spark and they said that Amazon is full of horse hockey, they have no trouble supplying the book. As a matter of fact, they went back and checked to see if there was any reason for a hold up and found none.

Went back to Amazon, they again said that they had no idea. That was through chat. So, I decided to talk to a real person. This person said that they would look into it. I waited. Then after a few days, I went back to Amazon. At some point they changed the supply time from 1-2 months to 2-5 weeks. They sent an email saying that their technical people would look into it.

Recently, it went back to 1-2months, but I had heard nothing from their technical people. So, I called again. I was told that a message would be sent to their technical people as a reminder. After that call, the delivery expectation went up to 1-5 months.

Maybe Mr. Trump is right, Amazon has too much power. I'm not at all happy with them at the moment.