Sep 14

Site moved

Sorry about any inconvenience during the past few days. Moved entire site from justhost to another hosting service. Had problems with justhost email that the technical support couldn't assist with. They essentially left it up to me to fix it myself or live with it. I chose neither and moved the whole kit and kaboodle. A big pain moving, but a few days pain will hopefully payoff.

Dec 18

Ardie's Secret Ranked One of Top for 2018

Kirkus Reviews has now designated Ardie’s Big Secret  one of the best 100 Indie Books of 2018, and I’ve  got the badge to prove it!  See the cool badge next to my book review at :


Nov 20

Ardie and May are now on

Has anyone heard of It’s a book and resource site for educators. According to the site “ offers every reader the power to enrich their relationship to the books they are reading. . . This service is primarily used in the K–12, university, and public library setting.”

Well, my books are now on the site. Because of the nature of the site, I was encouraged to create a bunch of teaching resources to go along with the books. It was kind of fun figuring out what actually goes into a teacher’s guide. Each book has a Teacher’s Guide. Inside the guide are instructions for a set of exercises and activities for students. So, of course, there is a separate handout with just the student activities. And, since some of the words in the books may be challenging, there is also a dictionary.

I also created three audio files, a little blurb on how to pronounce my name, and two mini-excerpts from both books. I always thought I wanted to become an educator. This is as close as I’ve ever come, except the time I tutored the inmates at Graterford Prison in Pennsylvania. But, that’s a whole nother story….

Oct 21

Amazon has it out for Ardie

Ardie's Big Secret is listed on  Since about June, Amazon has indicated that it takes an outrageous amount of time to supply the book. After waiting a reasonable amount of time, I decided to find out what was going on.

First Amazon indicated that it was the distributor, Ingram Spark. Contacted Ingram Spark and they said that Amazon is full of horse hockey, they have no trouble supplying the book. As a matter of fact, they went back and checked to see if there was any reason for a hold up and found none.

Went back to Amazon, they again said that they had no idea. That was through chat. So, I decided to talk to a real person. This person said that they would look into it. I waited. Then after a few days, I went back to Amazon. At some point they changed the supply time from 1-2 months to 2-5 weeks. They sent an email saying that their technical people would look into it.

Recently, it went back to 1-2months, but I had heard nothing from their technical people. So, I called again. I was told that a message would be sent to their technical people as a reminder. After that call, the delivery expectation went up to 1-5 months.

Maybe Mr. Trump is right, Amazon has too much power. I'm not at all happy with them at the moment.

Sep 21

Libraries...Libraries ...Libraries

By accident, I found that The Girl Who Loved Pots is in at least twenty-nine libraries nationwide and Canada. How cool is that? That was my goal. I’m not sure how they heard about the book. I’ve tried contacting a couple of the libraries to talk with the person in charge of collections. Why? So I can try to duplicate whatever it was that I did right for my other books…DUH!

Well, thank God. I am counting my blessings. My goal was to reach libraries and schools. Maybe the schools will eventually come around.