An imaginative little girl who loves pots learns important life lessons about trying new things and making new friends…

In this wonderful book, both written and illustrated by Rosilyn Seay, children meet a little girl named May who has a very big imagination. May loves a lot of things, but there’s nothing she enjoys more than playing make-believe with her mother’s pots! With such a big imagination, the uses she can put them to seem almost endless. Then one day, a new babysitter arrives with different ideas. May isn’t so sure about her new ideas, and sneaks off to play with her pots- but will May’s imagination get her into trouble?

Whimsical, colorful artwork set the stage for this engaging story which children are sure to love. Throughout the book, they will learn about creativity and having fun, while also being introduced to the concepts of flexibility and trying new things. The Girl Who Loved Pots is a delightful read that’s sure to get kids creative juices flowing, while encouraging them to expand their horizons and make new friends. Perfect for children of all ages, you won’t want to pass this one up- highly recommended!'

 Epic Book Quest:

Johanna Bouchard