An exuberant little girl who fancies pots meets a new babysitter in this debut chapter book.

May adores a lot of things: karate, boxing, her stuffed blue bunny named Sunshine, and conversations with her mother. But one of her loves is a bit more surprising: playing with pots (“Her favorites were those that fit on her head”). While other toys get boring, May can embark on endless adventures with these versatile kitchen tools. When Miss Josephine, the new sitter, comes to watch May for the first time, the girl feels afraid. But between the woman’s purple bag—full of fun games and toys that “make you think”—and Miss Josephine’s comforting words and hug when the girl expects to get scolded, May finds a new friend and discovers that using her imagination can help her become smarter. Seay’s delightful computer illustrations frequently use neutral backgrounds, which cause the colorful pots and May’s bright clothes to stand out. The all-black cast is headed by May, a charming youngster (likely between the ages of 4 and 6) with curly dark hair, whose facial expressions communicate a wide range of emotions within the work’s artistic style. The approachable vocabulary and early chapter book format—with images on every page—make this an accessible and appealing story for young readers, especially those who have struggled with their own fears of being left with strangers.

A bracing celebration of creativity with a strong main character who deserves her own series.

Kirkus Review
October 2017)